You’re writing sermons, sharing the Gospel, learning your community, and discipling leaders. Maybe even raising financial support.

And… trying to figure out a website.
Design a logo.
Manage Facebook ads.
Create a welcome brochure.
Choose offering envelopes.
Plan a mass mailer campaign.
Make door hangers.

The list goes on… and it keeps you up at night, distracting you from the people God called you to reach.

When professional web and graphic designer Clarissa Sidhom’s husband was called to plant a church in an unreached city, he was quickly buried under a sea of design and marketing tasks. She noticed that many other planters and pastors face the same challenge. And yet, all these tasks play an important role at your church.

Kingdom Creative exists to spread the Gospel by helping churches effectively use their resources to engage their community. See that big red to-do list above? We’ll do it all- and more!

Consider us honorary staff members, walking alongside you to help you focus on your calling, while we live out ours: helping churches thrive.

We’d love to learn more about your church’s needs and community. Click here to send us an email!

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